Confused and alone for Christmas...

Imagine for just a moment, you are 7 years old. You come home from school one Friday to find the Police at your house, and you can hear your parents yelling from down the street. As you enter the front door, a hand grabs you by the shoulder and stops you…

You are told you can’t stay here anymore, it’s not safe. You can only see your parents through the uniformed Police Officer holding them back. There is no sign of your two little sisters. Next thing you know you are in a car on the way to the hospital for a ‘check up’. Finally someone is going to look at that painful sore on your foot.

Alone at Christmas

After hours at the hospital, you are taken again in the car and dropped at someone’s house. They say they will look after you. You stand there in the clothes you wore to school, no shoes, no toys, nothing from your home. Confused, alone.

Backpacks 4 Aussie Kids Inc., aims to lessen this impact ever so slightly by providing the child with belongings of their own. A new backpack, clothing, underwear, pyjamas, toiletries, torch, small toys, books, and a teddy and soft blankie to cuddle with.

It’s not much really, but it’s something for this child to have that belongs only to them. No matter if they are sent home in 3 days, or stay in care for 5 years, their journey has begun with items that are theirs.

Alone at Christmas

Foster Carers do an amazing job caring for our vulnerable children and youth. Sometimes children are dropped at their homes in the middle of the night, with nothing but a nappy, and usually with no more than an hours warning that a child is coming.

As a Carer myself, I understand how difficult the first few days are. That’s why the backpacks include small activities that the carer and child can do together, to get to know each other a little.

We need your help though. Without funding we struggle to get the bags across the country to where they are needed. Toiletries and underwear must be purchased brand new, and backpacks need to be good quality to last.

For every $10 you donate to our Crowdfunding campaign, you will receive a ticket into a prize draw with a chance of winning an online shopping spree, worth $1300!

You CAN make a difference.


A huge thank you to Despina from Backpacks 4 Aussie Kids Inc. for today’s guest post. Child welfare is something that is very dear to our hearts here at KID independent and we hope you’ll get into the Christmas giving spirit and help out Depina’s amazing organisation.


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Gifty Goodness... Ideas for Boys

Hey hey hey! It’s time for some super fun gift ideas for adventurous little explorers. This guide is by no means exclusively for boys, in fact I know heaps of girls who would adore some of these items! We’ve titled it a ‘boys’ gift guide, simply for ease of searching for ideas. Enjoy!

Christmas Gift Ideas for Boys

Christmas gift ideas for boys and adventurous souls!

  1. Fluturi Boy’s Geo Shorts
  2. Amor Amor Colour Me In Monster
  3. Lucky Boy Sunday Bon Bon Blue Doll
  4. Curious Wonderland Mask Tee
  5. Rainy Sunday Arrow Set
  6. Oishi-m Meatloaf Tee
  7. Dobbin and Drum Teepee
  8. Bear Fabric Storage Bag
  9. Leather Monsters Sid the Teddy
  10. Wooden Coin Bank
  11. Boys & Girls Toucan Vest
  12. Mini Automoblox 3 Pack
  13. Personalised Cushion
  14. Dress Ups Pirate Costume
  15. Bugsey Bee Retronauts Harem Shorts
  16. Onitsuka Tiger x Tokidoki California 78 TS Toddler
  17. Apple & Mint Superhero Backpack
  18. Le Toy Van Barbarossa Ship
  19. Flatout Frankie Little Racer
  20. Pip Organic Banana Tee
  21. Moover Toys ‘Baby Truck’ Ride-On


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Gifty Goodness... Ideas for Girls

Hello friends. Today’s Christmas gift guide is a celebration of all things sweet, pink, and lovely. It’s by no means exclusively for girls, in fact I know some boys who would love a few of these items! We’ve titled it a ‘girls’ gift guide, simply for ease of searching for ideas. Enjoy!

Christmas gift ideas for girls

Christmas gift ideas for girls & lovers of pink!

  1. Bloom Straw Hat
  2. Oishi-m Happy T Dress
  3. Mintchi Handmade Dino Softie
  4. Sketch Inc Princess Nesting Dolls
  5. Kitty Biscuit Dress
  6. Gunnar Florning Clowns Collection by Lucie Kaas
  7. Tiger Tribe Kit Pax Doll House
  8. Brickbag Lego Playmat
  9. Saltwater Sandals
  10. Maxomorra Sunflower Tee
  11. Giant Kewpie Doll
  12. Little Summer Girls Pyjamas
  13. La De Dah Jess Unicorn
  14. Curious Wonderland Cupcake Dress
  15. Alimrose Designs Esme Elephant
  16. Icecream Light
  17. Lil Fairy Door
  18. Vintage Recital Playsuit
  19. Dear Little Letterbox
  20. Happy as Larry Felt Ball Garland
  21. Kinderfeets Balance Bike


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Gifty Goodness... Babies and Toddlers

Today we’re rolling out our first round of Christmas gift guides. These guides are filled with goodies from amazing stores who have been very generous supporters of KID independent over the past year, including our charity fundraisers with Cuddle Craft Collective. These guys are kind and generous souls and their wares will be perfectly at home under your tree on Christmas Day.

Christmas Gift Guide, Baby and Toddler

Christmas Gift Ideas for Babies and Toddlers

  1. Bella Buttercup Little Change Pro
  2. Sunnylife Flamingo Baby Inflatable
  3. Vintage Chenille Plush Rattle
  4. OMM Design Baby Babyushka Nesting Dolls
  5. Nihama Wooden Teething Toy
  6. Moover Natural Walker
  7. Plan Toys Oval Xylophone
  8. Milk & Masuki Dribble Bib
  9. Baby Milestone Cards
  10. Bedhead Baby Bucket
  11. Mr Maria Miffy Lamp
  12. Ted and Tom Handmade Bloomers
  13. Chabada Wooden Pull-Along
  14. Kid O Pattern Stacker
  15. Tiger Wheely Bug
  16. Personalised Baby Onesies
  17. Bugsey Bee Organic Dribble Bibs
  18. Summer Suit Petrol by More Than A Fling
  19. Lilliputiens Liz Teething Rattle
  20. Sack Me Krispy Dreme Cot Sheet
  21. Anarkid Cirkel Tee


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