Well, Hello Dolly!

The handmade doll is a sewing project where scraps and off-cuts come together to create character, personality and a lifetime of memories. I’ve always found it enchanting how a little stitch in just the right place can create a perfectly delightful expression that is forever captured in cloth.

Handmade Dolls and Rag Dolls

I assembled this sisterhood of rag dolls after I discovered the Frannie Doll by Moose and Bird and thought to myself ‘gee, I wouldn’t mind a scarf like that for winter!”.. I find her sophistication quite captivating and think she would be equally at home on display in a little girls room as she would adorning the shelves of an urban apartment.

*Please note that some of the dolls above are not suitable for very young children. Please check with the individual maker before purchasing for your little ones.

1. Frannie Doll at Moose and Bird … 2. Pink and Green Handmade Doll at Two Little Banshees … 3. Little Sister Handmade Rag Doll at Lil Sprinkles … 4. Handmade Esme Posy Dollat MiniLala … 5. Sophie Handmade Doll at Made by Maisie … 6. Ruby Organic Doll at Cheeky Little Monsters … 7. Handmade Studio Heirloom Doll at Viola Studio … 8. Handmade Korey Doll at Lauren Smash Toys … 9. Penelope Rag Doll at Raggidy Rag Dolls

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