Storytime just got interesting...

Once upon a time, long before emo-kids even existed, there was an American band called The Ramones. The Ramones travelled the world having exciting adventures and causing mischief wherever they went. They all had very long hair and never liked to get a haircut. Everyday they wore very tight pants, always in black… can you say “Hey Ho, Let’s Go?”

Handmade Rock n Roll Finger Puppets

These may just be the coolest finger puppets I’ve had the honour of discovering. Pick up your favourite band and teach your kids about rock n roll before it’s too late and they discover smash hits magazine. Each puppet is handmade and handpainted. They are also magnetic, so you can stick them on the fridge when they’re not in use. Pintassil Go Prints is based in Brazil. International shipping is available.

1. Joey and Johnny and DeeDee and Marky, The Ramones … 2. Kurt and Krist and David, Nirvana … 3. The Many Faces of David Bowie, aka Ziggy Stardust … 4. Jack and Meg, The White Stripes

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