Boys Love Rainy Days!

Now that I’m all grown up, I love a rainy day. It’s a great excuse to stay at home, snuggle on the sofa and drink dangerous quantities of hot chocolate. For kids on the other hand it can sometimes spell Boring (with a capital B).  So here are a few little treasures that will turn even the gloomiest of days into a fun adventure!

Rainy Day Activities For Boys

The original idea for this post came from the gorgeous new range of ‘thunderbolt + lightning’ kids tees and onesies at MiniEnvy. These guys are the new kids on the block and we’re digging their modern style.

I’m also mad about the Le Mans Racecar. It’s one of those fantastic kids toys that will last for years and can take a hammering; The kind that grows in character with every scratch and dint. It’s made from bamboo which puts it high on the eco-friendly scale and has spongy rubber wheels to make it go SUPER FAST. Look out Schumacher!

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1. DIY Paper Robot from LouLou and Tummie … 2. Recycled City Building Blocks from Mudd Kids … 3. Hape Bamboo E-Racer Le Mans Car by My Wooden Toys … 4. Storms Can Be Stripy T-shirt by Mini Envy … 5. Skull and Cross Bone Cookies by Sweet & Flour … 6. Green Lightning Star Flight Cap and Cuff Set by Tall Buildings

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