Rainy Day Games by Knuffle Kid

The detailing in the Knuffle Kid ‘Rainy Day Games’ collection evokes a myriad of childhood memories. From the snakes and ladders board sketched in the style of 1950s hand drawn illustrations, to the ‘Moonface’ cape made from genuine vintage wool from the 1950s.

A collection to be adored with a story to match, each piece in the Knuffle Kid winter collection bears a name from the books ‘The Famous Five’ and ‘The Faraway Tree’ (oh the memories…) One of the standout pieces is the ‘Connie’ dress (named after Connie from the Faraway Tree who was adept at climbing trees even in the most dainty dress). The reversible style makes this a versatile dress with charming floral vintage fabric on one side and navy/white polka dots on the reverse.

Knuffle Kid clothing is made in Melbourne using a combination of vintage and custom designed hand screen printed fabrics. The winter collection will be available from late February. Please see Knuffle Kid for stockists.

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