Welcome Wagon...

Well folks, here we are…. our very first post on our shiny new blog!

Firstly, we’d like to welcome you all and show you around… in the side bars, you’ll see some of our awesome sponsors, without whom this website wouldn’t be possible. We hope you’ll stop by and visit them when you get a chance.

To the right, you’ll also see a link to our weekly news; we’ll be sending out our first mailing in early April. Just by signing up you”ll automatically go in the draw to win our monthly subscriber giveaway. You can also get the RSS feed.

Last but not least, we’d like to send a huge shout out to all the indie designers and stores who have sent us info on their Autumn collections! We’ll be posting new stuff every day, so why not join us for breakfast?

How do you take your coffee? We like ours strong, no sugar, with just a dash of milk.

Happy Handmade Hunting! xo

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