Bébé Ravi by Siamanda Chege

Bébé Ravi winter is a collection of delightful hand knitted and crocheted children’s garments with an inspiring story to match. Each garment is handcrafted in Kenya from the finest Italian wool. More than just a fashion label, Bébé Ravi is a family of passionate individuals working together to make a positive change for a community.

Bébé Ravi Hand Knitted Children's Clothing

Bébé Ravi Hand Knitted Children's Clothing

The founder and SEO of the company, retired fashion model Siamanda Chege, founded the business in 2004 as an avenue to give something back to her native homeland of Kenya. Today the company employs 100 women from rural Kenyan villages that have been devastated by HIV/AIDS and high unemployment. The provision of jobs with fair wages and working conditions is positively transforming communities and making a significant difference to lives of local families and children.

Bébé Ravi Hand Knitted Children's Cardigans

Siamanda Chege is also the founder of The Patrick Chege Memorial Orphanage {founded in memory of her late father} and donates a percentage of all revenue from the sale of Bébé Ravi garments to care for the twenty children currently in their care. This money provides much needed shelter, food, health care and education.

Bébé Ravi Hand Knitted Children's Cardigans

Bébé Ravi garments are available in Sydney at Manon et Gwenaelle. If you would like to make a much needed donation to the The Patrick Chege Memorial Orphanage, please visit their website.

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