Bee Things… Brown Bagging It!

Remember the days of the old school yard? We used to laugh a lot… {Cat Stevens}… Are you looking for ways to bring the fun back to the old fashioned packed lunch? These brown paper delights from Bee Things tickled my fancy this morning so I thought I’d share the goodness.

Handmade Brown Paper Lunch Bags by Bee Things

These handmade, limited edition screen printed lunch bags are the work of design duo Shay Ometz and Jeff Barfoot. Their studio Bee Things creates a range of art prints, posters, apparel and handmade goodies for kids and home. We’re digging their modern style and cool colours… wouldn’t these make a nice surprise for the kids at lunchtime?

At around $15USD per pack they might be a bit expensive for daily use, but they’d make a fun surprise for birthdays {especially if it falls on a school day}. We also think they’d make cool party loot bags or gift wrapping… FUN!

Handmade Brown Paper Lunch Bags by Bee Things

Bee Things print limited editions of each design {usually 100-125}. To check out the current collection drop by and visit their Etsy store. These guys are based in Texas, USA but ship around the globe.

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