Billycart Markets

The Billycart Markets are held at Lakes Parish Hall in NSW and Sacred Heart Primary School in Brisbane, QLD. Creator of the market, Melanie Grace invites you to come along and experience beautifully handcrafted and stylish children’s products and one-of-a-kind treasures…

Billycart Markets Dates - Handmade Children's Market

Billycart Markets - Handmade Children's Market
About the market
Billycart Markets is an exclusively Australian handmade market with all products made by local artisans and designers {the only exclusively handmade market in Sydney}. Stallholders cater for children aged 0 – 12 years and take pride in producing high quality creations for little people. You can expect a boutique shopping experience and a range of one-off original handmade pieces… everything is as unique as it’s maker.

Billycart Markets - Handmade Children's Market
About the creator
Melanie Grace is a 30 something mother to three… Brooke {7}, Jade {6} and Billy {1}. Her passions include spending quality time with her family, enjoying the simple things in life and appreciating the art of handmade… an ethos that transcends both her family and business life. As a mother of three, Melanie grew tired of purchasing unoriginal, mass produced items that only provided her family with minutes of entertainment… Billycart Markets aims to provide gorgeous, unique items that will provide a lifetime of pleasure.

Billycart Markets - Handmade Children's Market
In her own words..

“I am no do-gooder on rampage to make the world a better place – just my little piece of the world. I do believe that my kids should get a sense of worth and value in today’s world. Everything is so fast paced, busy and rushed – what happened to good old fashioned family time, crafts and enjoying the simple things in life?” Melanie Grace

Billycart Markets - Handmade Children's Market
Please visit Billycart Markets for further information on stallholders, dates and market location.

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