Behind the scenes with Dylan from Heart Muscle

This week we celebrate the official launch of the {KID} independent website and also kick off our series of ‘behind the scenes’ interviews. Our first designer interview is someone who truly understands the {KID} psyche. Someone with a passion for art, design + handmade. Folks, meet Dylan, 8 year old designer + owner of Etsy store Heart Muscle.

Handmade Star Wars Cards

Dylan’s mum Lara tells us how it all got started… Dylan made a card to give to me on mothers day last year, then he made his dad something at school with the same design for Father’s Day. We both loved our gifts and thought his idea was really unique and special and that he should try to share it with everyone; so when we found an old Gocco set at the Op shop it was perfect timing.

As Valentines Day was coming up we thought that Etsy was the Best place to put all these fantastic cards that we now have stock piled. He gets so excited when he makes a sale, and now we can’t stop him – he seems to have a new idea each week. Look out for two new designs coming soon.

Handmade Spiderman Card

My inspiration comes from…
Films and computer games and stuff that I like.

My favourite drawing is…
I like Star Wars a lot, but I like Transformers the best.

I’m currently working on…
Two new cards one with Heartimus Prime on it and the other is Bat Heart.

If I were a Star Wars character, I would be…

Anakin Skywalker because he’s like me, and I have a light sabre like his.

Dylan from Heart Muscle

When I’m not drawing, my favourite thing to do is…
Playing with my Lego or my Nintendo DS (because DS stands for Dylan Smith!).

When I grow up, I want to be…
A Rock Star because I play Guitar Hero, and one day I want my Dad to build me a guitar.

Three things that make me happy are…
When Mum helps me make cards for people, playing with my brother and watching funny movies.

Heartimus Prime Handmade Greeting Card

Three things that make me sad are…
Not much makes me sad but I’m shy and that sometimes makes me upset.

My hero is…
My Dad because I want to be in a rock band like he was.

CompetitionDylan has graciously offered to give away three of his favourite designs to {KID} independent readers! To enter the draw, simply leave a comment below for Dylan and we’ll pick out three winners next Monday, 8 March.

If you’d like to stop by and support Dylan’s store, you can pick up a card, writing paper or badge for around $4 AUD (prices are in USD, but item is shipped from Australia).

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