The humble handmade bag...

The humble handmade bag serves several great purposes in life… it’s adept at carrying your worldly possessions {aka crap}, it’s perfect for completing an outfit {aka security blanket} and it provides the perfect wardrobe update for the change of season {aka any excuse to shop}.

Handmade Bags, Purses, Clutches and Handbags

Cast your eyes upwards and you’ll see a collage of sweet and stylish handmade bags; each chosen for its cheery fabric and ability to perk up your day. It all started for me with the glorious Lotus handmade hobo bag from Fuchst {note to self: email link to husband prior to birthday}. It’s made from upholstery fabric, hence the fabulous shape.

I’m also in the throws of a love affair with the current Nancybird collection. I snapped up one of their purses last season and have been yearning for a handbag ever since. At the top of my wish list is the Flax Bag in antique red with handprinted fabric detailing. The craftsmanship is superb; now if only I could find that money tree I’ve been searching for…

1. Clover Ombre Weekender Bag by Rising Fair Trade … 2. ‘Be Happy, Be Free’ Handmade Wallet at Moo Woo … 3. Frame purse with Mod Flowers by Jennifer Ladd … 4. Lotus handmade hobo bag nappy bag by Fuchst … 5. Handprinted flax bag by Nancybird … 6. Handmade fabric wallet by L&B Accessories … 7. Upstyled canvas army bag by Kerri’s Hangups … 8. Pacman Recycled Magazine Handbag by Nazly Villamizar

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