Racers, battleships and airplane launchers!

Every now and then I’m delighted to come across an artist who captures my heart. Today it’s the handicraft of a carpenter named Bob and his love of handmade wooden toys. In fact, sentimental soul that I am, reading the story of how Times3Toys was born made me a touch dewy-eyed! Since the story is just as inspirational as the toys themselves, I’ve included it below for your reading pleasure.

Wooden Toys Racing Car Ramp

It was the weekend and I was cleaning up, trying to make heads or tails out of the clutter. I glanced out the garage window and saw a neighbour’s child sitting in a small wading pool, he looked bored beyond the word. I related to that since “cleaning up” wasn’t exactly exciting…

Wooden Toys Paper Plane Launcher

After a few moments my mind wandered back to a time when I was a kid splashing around in a small backyard pool. It wasn’t long before I remembered something my father made for me that entertained me for hours. Seconds later the lights were on and the familiar sound of saws and sanders going on and off could be heard from my garage. Soon I had a crude but functional paddle boat in my hands. I headed out the door…

Wooden Toys Balloon Racer Jet Boat

Without saying a word I knelt by the pool, wound the paddle and set the boat in the water. It moved gracefully to the other end of the wading pool as the paddle spun. The little guy raced to catch it, it was love at first sight! I headed back to my garage with a little smile on my face to finish the job of cleaning. An hour passed before I was done and I again glanced out the window to see how things were going with the little boy. I was amazed to see not just one boy, but now there were three! They sat in a triangle sending the little ship back and forth to each other. Now it was me that was amazed…

You can purchase a handmade wooden racer boat, paper plane launcher or race car ramp online at  Times3Toys. They are based in the USA but happily ship around the globe. Prices range from $9.95 – $39.95 USD.

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