Land of the {not so} scary monsters!

When I was a kid I would hang over the side of my bed each night to say goodnight to the monsters. It was a tradition that started at story-time one evening when my Dad posed the question ‘how do you know that monsters are scary if you’ve never met one?’

Handmade Monster Softies, Toys and Kids Clothing

In aid of introducing kids everywhere to the friendly monster population, I bring you the {KID} independent monster posse. It’s certainly hard to pick a favourite from this charming crew, however I personally find the facial expression of the Eggs on Toast Monster by Grumpy Haters to be absolutely hilarious and I assure you it has nothing to do with the second glass of “it’s been a very long day” Sauvignon Blanc that I’m currently consuming.

Monster Puppets

During my hunt for new monster friends I happened across these super cool monster puppets from As We Grow Learning Toys. These guys look like Fun with a capital F! They also have a slight muppet-esque quality about them which is very appealing {and who doesn’t love a muppet}. Each puppet has a moveable mouth and makes a wonderful tool for story telling, education, therapy or just plain fun.

1. Monster T-shirt
by Jettas Nest … 2. Bernicio Big Monster Softie by Cotton Monster … 3. Sam Monster Softie by Mr Sogs … 4. Darryl Plush Monster by Monster Factory … 5. Eggs on Toast Monster by Grumpy Haters … 6. Scallywog Plushie by Wiggletiggy Studio … 7. Blue Baby Monster Brooch by Candy Bandit … 8. Jellisteins Monster 11 by Jellibat … 9. Monster Puppets by As We Grow Learning Toys

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