We heart... Little Odd Forest

I started this post with the intention of bringing you some baby booties for keeping little tootsies warm through the colder months. I then got so far as adding in two of my favourite pairs from the magical Little Odd Forest, but was distracted by all the bright colours and pretty things and simply couldn’t resist showing off the Little Odd Forest softies and scarves as well.

Little Odd Forest Softies

The magical mind behind the Little Odd Forest is Singapore based designer Lynda Lye. Art and craft runs in Lynda’s blood and has been with her since the early years. You can see her childhood influences in her work, from fairytale imagery to adored characters such as monsters, animals and even trees! Everything in the collection is lovingly handmade with the ideas for each design created freestyle {by Lynda} with her trusty sketchpad, fine-tip pen and  MacBook Pro.

Softies by Therese Laskey

Little Odd Forest is based in Singapore but happily ship around the world. You can visit their website to view their current collection, or shop online at Etsy. The tree softie above is one of the most iconic in the Little Odd Forest collection and was also featured in the book “Softies by Therese Laskey”. It was released a couple of years back but is still readily available in book stores.

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