Mamapapa... a winter preview

Bonjour Madames et Monsieurs! Welcome to our preview of mamapapa winter 2010; a collection that inspires visions of strolling carefree along Avenue des Champs-Élysées on a crisp Parisian winters day, adorable well dressed and perfectly charming children happily skipping along hand in hand, stopping at a local patisserie for Éclair au chocolat…. well, one can only dream.

mamapapa children's winter clothing

This season from mamapapa brings natural fabrics of cotton, wool and silk together with florals, checks and pinstripes to create a collection with a distinct European flavour. Stand out pieces include the “Soup” Wool Coat with dainty floral lining and “Cannes” floral dress for the girls and the “Djeco” low-rider pant and “Elliott” checkers shirt for the boys. We also find the incorporation of scarves into outfits for little folk both adorable and perfectly cosy for winter styling.

mamapapa children's winter clothing

mamapapa children's winter clothing

Mamapapa children’s clothing is made locally in Sydney in small production batches. The winter collection will be available in stores shortly. Please visit the mamapapa website for a full list of stockists.

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