Appliqué Heroes...

There are several iconic characters that every child should meet during their formative years. Legends of popular culture, celluloid heroes and tellers of great stories. Sometimes… they come in the form of a motion picture, other times… in the form of appliqué!

Kids Applique T-shirts by Mi Cielo

“Truly wonderful the mind of a child is” {Master Yoda}. What’s not to love about this little blue Yoda Tee from Mi Cielo? After all, it pays to start them young if you want them to grow up to be a Jedi Master. It’s sure to delight the Star Wars fans among us {and make many a dad jealous}. Love him, I do.

I must admit however, that my initial attraction to the Mi Cielo collection came in form of one B.A. Baracus. A flashback to my own youthful days of eating redskins and kicking back with ‘Howling Mad’ Murdock and the gang. I pity the fool who doesn’t remember the A-Team! I’m having one of those ‘gee I miss the eighties’ moments… but don’t worry, it’s fleeting!

Kids Applique T-shirts by Mi Cielo

The Mi Cielo range is designed and handmade by Kayo Master, mum to Tristan (the gentle giant), Salsa dancer, world-traveller and lover of all things indie. Mi Cielo is based in Hawaii, but happily ship around the globe. Prices range from $21 – $26 USD.

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