Top Ten Kindy Rock Songs!

We’re die hard music lovers here at {KID} independent… so this week we’ve asked our friend and fellow music lover Vicki Carter from Monkeytail and Wellington to share her top ten list of rockin’ songs for kids.

Rock n Roll Kid with Guitar

I listen to a lot of music in my never ending search to find new family friendly music for Monkeytail and Wellington, and have a list of favorites longer than my arm. So when {KID} independent asked me for my top 10 kids songs, it took a while to whittle it down. I’ve decided that the following list isn’t my all time top 10 {as I procrastinated for too long}, but an evolving top 10 based a lot on what is on high rotation in my house and is new to the Kindy Rock music scene.

Some of the songs I’ve chosen are written for kids, and some are appropriate for kids. All are OK for adults and won’t make your head go pop if you’re subjected to repeat listening. After all, you’re in charge of the stereo and if wrestling over the remote has already begun, move it to a higher shelf! So here they are, in no particular order…

They Might Be Giants Kids Music

1. They Might be Giants – 1 Dozen Monkeys from Here Come The 123’s

2. They Might be Giants – The Ballad of Davy Crockett (in Outer Space)

I couldn’t actually pick just one of their songs for kids to be my favorite because there are so many. So I’d probably just say they are my favorite kids band. They just have the knack for putting the silly, or the obvious into some very clever rhyming lyrics and giving it that very special “John” twist. They’ve really embraced the Kindy Rock genre and are one of the pioneer bands that are taking it main stream. There are four kids albums to date (and that doesn’t include all the sound track albums and books) and there is even a Friday Night Podcast you can get from You Tube with some clever puppetry and animated videos. Click here to view a clip.

Caspar Babypants Kids Music

3. Caspar Babypants – Brown and Lonely Worm from Here I am

4. Caspar Babypants – Free Like a Bird from Here I am

Caspar is a fairly new addition to my kids listening library, but I’ve been a fan of Chris Ballew’s other work (you may remember him from other indie bands such as The Presidents of the United States of America for instance) since I was old enough to buy my own albums.  There are so many genres of music on Chris’s two kids albums (Here I am and More Please), but underlying them all is his passion for relating to kids on their level and singing about every day important stuff and adventures along the way. My two standout favorites so far are:

I just love the beat in both these songs and the rhyming is both cute and clever.  In fact I love just about every song on both albums and with another one in the works I can’t wait to find out what Caspar comes up with next. Click here to read an interview with the band.

Elvis Presley and Elizabeth Mitchell

5. Elvis Presley – Old MacDonalds Farm from Elvis Sings for Kids

Elvis never actually recorded an album specifically for kids, it’s all been done posthumously. But he did record lots of songs “suitable for kids” in his many, many movies (did you know there were 31 of them!)  This song is just too funny. It was recorded for the movie Double Trouble in 1967. The whole idea that on Old MacDonalds farm the animals live under constant threat of being turned into dinner if they step out of line just cracks me up! Also, it’s my humble opinion that all children should be exposed to the greats of our time, and Elvis is the King after all!

6. Elizabeth Mitchell – Three Little Birds… from You Are My Little Bird

Just about every children’s artist has done a version of this Bob Marley classic. I love this version by Elisabeth Mitchell which features the sweet voice of her daughter and her husband in the background. It’s from her album You Are My Little Bird. She brings just the right inflections to the lyrics and her interpretation is just so sweet.

Mary Had a Little Amp Compilation CD

7. Indigo Girls – Wild Wild Party in the Loquat Tree from Mary Had a Little Amp compilation

I wouldn’t know a loquat tree if I walked into one, but I love this song! It is featured on the Mary Had a Little Amp compilation album, a selection of grown up songs from popular artists that are suitable for little ears. All those chatter, chirp, squeaks and buzz’s makes for a great sing along and it has a great country feel. The lyrics are probably a bit complicated and move a little fast for kids, but the chorus is always a great time to join in.

8. Kermit the Frog  – The Rainbow Connection from Mary Had a Little Amp compilation

I am a die hard Muppets fan and The Rainbow Connection is in my opinion the most synonymous song with Kermit the Frog (along with It’s Not Easy Being Green of course). For kids, the Kermit version is probably the best, kids love banjo and Kermit sings slowly enough to follow and learn the lyrics. I kinda prefer the Dixie Chicks version. Click here to view a clip.

Renee and Jeremy and Gustafer Yellowgold

9. Gustafer Yellowgold – Butter Pond Lake from Mellow Fever

There really isn’t much not to like about Gustafer Yellowgold. The creator Morgan Taylor is not only the singer, songwriter and musician, but also the artist behind the Gustafer character and the simply animated videos that accompany each song. In short, Gustafer Yellowgold used to live on the Sun, but now lives on Earth and the songs are the tales of his adventures, friends and memories. There is some real talent behind Gustafer and I find I listen to this album even without the kids around. Butter Pond Lake is on the Mellow Fever album. Click here to view a clip.

10. Renee and Jeremy – Powder Blue from It’s a Big World

This is the lullaby I sing to my girls every night. It’s simple, easy to remember and just beautiful. It’s on Renee & Jeremy’s first album It’s a Big World and it’s been a hit with us from the first listen. All the tracks on this album are just lovely in fact, the perfect music to fall asleep to for sweet dreams. Click here to read an interview with the band.

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