Rockabilly Rebel... Style Challenge!

Today’s post is for all the Rockabilly Mamas and their little Baby Betties. It’s all about having fun by taking a step outside the box. As with all our style challenges, you can go wild with the full Rockabilly style, or just pick out a couple of pieces and blend with your existing wardrobe.

Rockabilly Kids Clothing and Dresses

The feature piece in this collection is the Polka Dot Bow Dress by Rocker Baby; a truly spectacular place to start. Polka Dots and rockabilly go together like martinis and olives {or should I say, like… rama lama lama ka dinga da dinga dong…} they were just meant to be. The original style was founded in the 1950s, but this is an enduring trend that has firmly positioned itself in popular culture. I’d like one of these dresses in my own size!

Rockabilly Kids Clothing and Dresses

I’m particularly fond of the black and red rockabilly style, but it’s as much about attitude and imagination as is it about 1950s nostalgia. If you have a little one who’s not fond of dresses, or prefer something on the casual side of the fence you can still partake in the rockabilly spirit. How about these cuties with a touch of 1950s flair? I’m digging the Queen of Hearts Jeans from Rock Your Baby… wait, do THESE come in my size!?

1. Polka Dot Bow Dress by Rocker Baby … 2. Lydia Handmade Rag Doll by Sugar and Spice … 3. Polka Dot Hair Bows by Cradle Jam … 4. Annie Headband by Flirty Bird … 5. Onyx Heart Charm Bracelet by cornflowerblue … 6. Chianti Ballet Flats by Old Soles … 7. Handmade Red Scottie Dog by Vintage Chenille … 8. Ribbon Ruffle Socks by Giggle Baby Designs …

9. Ruffled Dress by Vintage Lucys … 10. Gingham Hair Elastics by Vanilla Pixie … 11. Vintage Kitten Tee and Queen of Hearts Jeans by Rock Your Baby … 12. Cherry Pie Beanie by Naturally Knits

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