Those were the days...

As a lover of all things vintage I felt a particular affinity with the folks at red wagon, even though I’ve not had the pleasure of meeting them in person. Their store is filled to the brim with charming bits and pieces, but it was these 1950s styled flashcards that had me in rapture. Even though I’m not old enough to remember the 1950s, the imagery leaves me decidedly nostalgic.

Red Wagon is a labour of love for cousins Danni and Brooke. Both avid collectors of old toys and books and hunters of all things vintage, they decided to join forces and create something magical. With 5 active boys between them, I’m not quite sure how they find the time! I can only assume that the youthful energy has rubbed off.

Red Wagon Vintage Wall Art

If you drop by the red wagon website you can view the whole alphabet along with their wall art collection and other goodies. As you can see, my choice of the letters C, H, W, L and N is completely random and I’m quite sure that the lack of vowels would render you useless in a game of scrabble; however, I couldn’t resist the cuteness of the matching images.

*Red wagon is based in Australia.

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2 comments to Those were the days…

  • Brookie

    Thank-you soooo much for the lovely write up! looking forward to seeing lots of other bit of gorgeous on here! Go Australian designers!!!! Brooke X

  • These are indeed groovy flashcards. I believe I visited Red Wagon at a market in Sydney last year. I bought a couple of cute gift tags as I just couldn’t walk away from the stall empty-handed! Nice 🙂

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