Accessorising… In Bloom

How cunningly nature hides every wrinkle of her inconceivable antiquity under roses and violets and morning dew! {Ralph Waldo Emerson}… Do you think it also works for 30-something Mums with cornflakes in their hair and fluffy slippers on their feet? Here’s hoping! Be inspired by the rich colour and beauty in these floral jewellery pieces from 8 fabulous Australian jewellery designers.

Vintage Styled Flower Jewellery

My inspiration today came from the “Pink macaroons were her favourite indulgence” necklace by Rue de Bijoux, one of my favourite places to stop by for whimsical OOAK pieces. I adore the rich colour in this piece, it’s the perfect accompaniment for your autumn wardrobe. In fact, I couldn’t resist snapping it up to add to my own personal collection… but do drop by and visit Rue de Bijoux to view the rest of their vintage inspired collection.

Vintage Styled Flower Jewellery

1. Pink Macaroons Necklace by Rue de Bijoux … 2. Sweet Memories Brass Filigree Locket by Oh Deer! … 3. Steampunk Fairytales by Seven Blueberries … 4. Coral Roses Sterling Silver Earring by Kajsa … 5. Sienna Star Bangle by Stellar Light Designs … 6. Steampunk Flower Pendant by Flights of Fancy … 7. Flower Bomb Resin Ring by tramfriends … 8. Lorelei Bobby Pin Set Pink Rose on Brass Filigree by Two Cheeky Monkeys

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