Say "no" to pesky chemicals....

Over the Easter long weekend the {KID} independent Mummy Brigade got together to test out the new range of BPA free Borosilicate Glass Bottles from Cherub Baby. Here’s the low down…

BPA Free Baby Bottles by Cherub Baby

These colourful twin packs are a new addition to Cherub Baby range for 2010. Each bottle can withstand temperatures of up to 600 degrees, and is cradled in a break resistant 100% Food Grade Safe Silicon Sleeve which can withstand temperatures of up to 260 degrees Celsius. A cool feature of these silicon sleeves is their ability to change colour to alert you if the bottle gets too hot {above 42 degrees celsius}. Big thumbs up all around for this feature… also makes a fun experiment for your older kids {…think flashbacks to the hypercolour era}.

BPA Free Baby Bottles by Cherub Baby

BPA Free… One of the major draw cards of the Cherub Baby range is the fact that their bottles are BPA free. Bisphenol A (BPA) is a chemical contained in polycarbonate plastic and some synthetic resins and pesticides that can act in a similar way to hormones, potentially disrupting the body’s hormonal system. Some studies in laboratory animals suggest that low levels of (consumed) BPA may have an effect on the reproductive system. Other studies have linked BPA to diseases such as diabetes.

Regardless of future research outcomes, I’m of the opinion that any possible negative exposure of little ones to chemicals is best avoided. Eco-friendly companies such as Cherub Baby are leading the way.

The Cherub Baby Colour Change Natri Bottle {twin pack} is available in a variety of colours for $26.95 (150ml) or $29.95 (240ml).

CompetitionWould you like to try the Cherub Baby range for yourself? We have a Cherub Baby BPA free bottle twin set to giveaway. To enter, simply add a comment below telling us why eco-friendly / chemical free baby products are important to you. Winner will be drawn on Thursday 15 April 2010.

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12 comments to Say “no” to pesky chemicals….

  • melissa scott

    How great. With so many chemicals added to so many everyday products this is a great way to start protecting our little ones.

  • Sara

    we want the best start for our kids, chemicals in bottles was something i never thought about but was always extra careful in reading labels on foods and buying organic, we dont know the real harm these have on our children and this is another peace of mind product

  • Lisa Abejja

    From the moment of birth our babies bodies are flooded with chemicals and aerasols in the atmosphere surrounding them. We should be striving to give them the best start in life and that begins with chemical free baby products, especially bottles as they are directly in the mouth and any chemicals are immediately ingested. Being eco friendly and chemical free means a happier healthier child and a better environment for our future!

  • tartankiwi

    As a parent, one of your most important tasks is to protect your child. I see limiting exposure to potentially harmful chemicals as just one small way that I can protect my little monkey.

  • D Doust

    As mothers, we do everything we can to give our kids the best start in life. It starts in early pregnancy and continues right through their childhood and this is another great way that we can keep their exposure to nasty chemicals as low as possible.

  • Ooh that’s so cool! I love how it changes colour! My cousin just had a gorgeous little baby girl, and she (and I) think it’s so important to protect her as much as possible while she’s still young, so she can grow up happy & healthy to make her own choices.

    I would love to give her these bottles!

  • Sharon

    I am putting together my nursery and looking for suitable non-toxic / organic products for my baby, we live as chemical free as we can and it is important to me that our baby starts its life with as little exposure as possible to the nasties of modern life, and I really love the temperature indicator sleeves!

  • Lynda

    My son was MISdiagnosed with leukemia as a baby..From that point I have taken no chances..Its a chemical free household for me.

  • Amanda

    As a mum who has chosen to bottle feed you are always confronted with whether you have made the right choice because it isn’t “nature’s way”. Chemical free means that this choice can be a little easier and that you can have piece of mind with the choices you have made for your child.

  • Samantha

    Eco-friendly / chemical free products are important to me because I want the world’s resources to last into future generations and my descendants to be safe in the process.

  • karina

    I don’t want my baby drinking chemicals, just pure milk and all things good for them.

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