The Good Egg... Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! I hope that the Easter Bunny was kind to you and your family… In celebration of Easter Sunday, we thought we’d give the bunny a much needed break {his paws get awfully tired you know!} and instead bring you this delightful selection of handmade egg cosies… the perfect knitwear for your winter eggs.

Egg Cup Cosies

Egg Cup Cosies

Handmade Egg Cup Cosies

1. Matryoshka Egg Cozy by Momfetti … 2. Union Jack Egg Cosies by Karen Hilton Designs … 3. Yellow Egg Cozy by Trudette 4 Crochet … 4. Chicken Egg Cozies by Box of Birds … 5. Bunny Egg Cup Cosy by Juja … 6. Felted Egg Cozy by Crazyhound Store

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