Designer in Focus... Flirty Bird

This week we were invited to drop by the Flirty Bird website to peruse their range of handmade kids accessories, and what fun we had! I spent the better part of an hour flicking back and forth between categories trying to pick out my favourites… so much cuteness.

Flirty Bird Handmade Kids Hair Accessories

Michelle {mummy to 3yo Fletcher and 2yo Scarlett, and the creative genius behind Flirty Bird} certainly has a knack for picking out the sweetest fabrics and colour combinations around. Little Scarlett was the inspiration behind the Flirty Bird label, with the original collection custom made to match her little outfits. It warms our heart to see Mums making a living out of a craft that they adore.

Flirty Bird Handmade Kids Hair Accessories

Flirty Bird accessories have taken off like a rocket in the past 12 months, popping up in leading kids boutiques across Australia and the globe. However, Michelle stays true to her roots and still continues to makes each piece by hand. In our opinion, this is the mark of a label that puts quality and style at the forefront of their operations.

Flirty Bird Handmade Kids Hair Accessories

Flirty Bird handmade kids accessories are available online and through selected stockists. New items are added to the store regularly, and you can expect to find an explosion of colour and characters to suit all tastes {tomboys included}.

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