Fresh Baked Friday, Mr. Cool

Cool handmade clothes for boysHappy Good Friday! I’m starting off the morning with fresh baked goodies for the cool little guys in your life, then sitting down to a plate of fresh baked hot cross buns {thanks to my mum.. the best cook in the world!} Don’t you just love traditions that make it down through the generations?

Tilly and Otto Little Man Shorts

On the griddle today we have these awesome little man shorts from Tilly & Otto. We’re digging the retro checker style and cool colours. Each pair is handmade from designer fabrics, and available in exclusive limited edition batches. Priced at $45.00.

My Sweet Prints Wall Art

And for dessert… we have the Vintage Bus Roll and Counting in French Posters from My Sweet Prints. Each poster is printed on Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) paper and priced at $35. You can even change the wording on the Bus Roll to reflect your own bedtime routine, how cool! Available at ministyle.

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