Boy meets Robot...

My love of robots can be traced back to Robbie the Robot {who I saw for the first time in Lost in Space… Danger, Will Robinson!}. I wasn’t actually born in the 1960’s, but luckily enough for Australian viewers the repeats were played well into the 1980s. Robbie then popped up all over the place including The Addams Family, The Love Boat and Mork and Mindy… sweet, sweet memories.

Handmade Robots, Toys and Kids Clothing

I’ve never really gone in much for robots of “The Terminator” variety, preferring instead to stick with the classic retro incarnation with its kitschy sayings, tin exterior, predictable claws, dials and buttons, and randomly waving arm gestures. Not to mention the often comical facial expressions.

We’re a bit robot mad in this family so we’re always on the look out for new additions. Above are a few crafty handmade robots currently residing in your favourite handmade store. I also LOVE this awesome set of robot prints {below} from Fall Down Tree

Robot Art Prints

P.S. If you too have fond memories of Lost in Space you simply must give it another watch. The costumes are glorious, the characters are priceless and the sayings… Oh, the pain… the pain! Ahh pop culture… how I love you so!

1. Retro Kids Robot T-shirt by Crowsmack … 2. Limited Edition Robot Print by Kill Taupe … 3. Retro Robot Pants by Sunshine Salad … 4. Paper Craft Robots by Piperoid … 5. Robot Plush by Sonia Diez … 6. Robot Buttons by Buttons by Lou Lou … 7. Robot Softie from Bubbaboom … 8. Robot Blocks by John W Golden … 9. Lilliput Robot from Moo Woo … 10. Robot Card by Cate Holst Design … 11. Robot Lunch Box by Cosmic Bebe …

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