Meet Professor Wupavaros + Friends

I’m seriously digging these urban vinyl toys from Hello Again Monsters! A very cool addition to your toy collection… or your kids toy collection of course, but these guys are so cool you might want to have one sitting on your office desk keeping you company and warding off intruders…

Hello Again Monsters - Urban Vinyl Toys

The designer of this collection {Her name is Romiette… I’ve never met her, but like to think of her as a mad professor type character cooking up modern frankenstein-esque creatures in a gloomy basement and laughing insanely as they come to life} is not afraid to go a bit wild with colour. She’s also most creative when it comes to naming her creations… below we have Ms. Kuletapus, Mr. Oxeeeeeister, Zeeeeeuister and Professor Zeuooog.

Hello Again Monsters - Urban Vinyl Toys

Hello Again Monsters - Urban Vinyl Toys

Hello Again Monsters are made from vinyl and stuffed with polyfil. They stand about 11 inches tall and come with a little ribbon hook on the back so that you can restrain them in case they go crazy… Uh, I mean hook them on the wall for your viewing pleasure.

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