Home Sweet Gnome...

Kickin’ stones on an old dirt road… Feelin’ dejected and all alone… When I looked up ahead thought my mind I’d blown… On a giant toadstool sat a teeny tiny gnome! {A super fun song by The Monkees called Teeny Tiny Gnome, and the inspiration behind this whimsical collection}

Garden Gnomes for Kids

Gnomes are certainly a curious and allusive bunch. Some folk believe them to be grumpy, stubborn and often mischievous… to the contrary, we believe them to be charming and helpful {but just a little bit shy}. They make perfectly delightful friends for little folk, and are also very good at playing hide and seek! Whilst their fashion sense is sometimes questionable, the gnome hat has certainly stood the test of time, making a defiant comeback this winter!

1. Knitted Gnome Rattle by Lark … 2. Gnome Paper Craft by Fantastic Toys … 3. Gnome Onesie by Little Lark … 4. Eco Friendly Gnome Dolls by Sewn Natural … 5. Hand Knitted Gnomes by Tida Bella Monkey … 6. Mushrooms by Flying Star Toys … 7. Mushroom Hair Clips by Hair Fairy Clips … 8. Pixie Hat by Deusprovidebit … 9. Gnomes by Cutesypoo Toys

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