Lazy Sunday... pull up a kouch

In honour of lazy Sundays and lounging around on the deck sipping lemonade and eating pikelets {a fond childhood memory} I thought I’d bring you a few snaps of the Kouch collection. I’m digging this “kouch on tour” photoshoot… look at those little legs go!

Kouch handmade kids furniture

Kouch make all of their kids sized couches by hand {in Melbourne} from heavy duty commercial fabric which is safe for kids, and built to last.  The range is designed for little people between 1 – 5 years, with enough room to share with mum, dad, or a buddy. The thing I love most about Kouch is that it is modern enough to fit right in with your furniture and isn’t emblazoned with mass produced characters or cartoons.

Kouch handmade kids furniture

The vital stats… Kouch is designed with spines in mind {with input from leading chiropractors}, it has a solid frame which makes tipping over almost impossible, it is stain resistant, the colours are customisable and it comes with a life time craftsmanship guarantee. Nice work!

Kouch handmade kids furniture

Kouch is available for purchase online or through selected stockists.

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  • All the girls in our office have just been looking at this Kiddy Kouch and we just love it. We are always looking at what’s new and we haven’t seen this kouch anywhere in Sydney. Looks very soft and comfy but not too cutesy that it would look out of place in the living room. Great find!

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