Crafty Challenge... MYO Modern Cloth Nappies

If you’ve ever wanted to try your hand at making your own Modern Cloth Nappies {but thought it was too tricky to attempt} then this post is for you! According to our friend Jodie at Nappies Covered, making a nappy is super easy. If you can sew a relatively straight line {even with the wobbles} you can sew a nappy.

Modern Cloth Nappies

The first place to start is with a MCN pattern {you can get these free from Nappies Covered}. If you opt for a nappy sewing kit, rather than purchasing all your materials separately, you will be sent a printed copy of a nappy pattern ready to use. For those wanting a professional tried and tested pattern you can also purchase patterns by Chloe Toes.

The second step is knowing which fabrics to choose.  This can be a touch daunting when you’re first starting out, so here is a guide to point you in the right direction. If you’d like to read more about Modern Cloth Nappies {including the who, what, where and why} along with a glossary of common terms, please click here.

Modern Cloth Nappies - Fabrics and Accessories

Up next, choosing your materials…

Absorbent Fabric / Absorbent Layer
Bamboo Fabric {made from 15% organic cotton and 85% bamboo} is a beautiful, naturally soft fabric which is highly absorbent, antibacterial and antifungal. Bamboo is used to make the absorbent part of your nappy which is generally called the ‘booster’, ‘soaker’ or ‘pad’.

Waterproof Fabric / Nappy Outer
PUL fabric is used as the outer part of the nappy. The term PUL refers to the waterproof laminate that is applied to the fabric {however, in general, people refer to the whole piece of fabric PUL}.   As the outside of the nappy is the part that you see the most, there are a huge range of prints and plains available so that you can make your nappies look stylish and fun.

Inner Nappy Fabric
Microfleece, minky and suedecloth are polyester fabrics that are human-made. These fabrics are made from recycled PET (Polyethylene terephthanlate). These fabrics are known as ‘wicking’ fabrics, as they will not absorb moisture, but will wick the liquid through to the absorbent layer below.

Modern Cloth Nappies PUL Fabric

Notions are the wonderful bits that allow you to fasten your nappies.  Hook and Loop Fasteners (Velcro™) are a sew on method, whereas Snap Pliers allow you to professionally apply Kam Snaps.

….and that’s it! Now all you need is a sewing machine and a positive attitude! Creating a designer wardrobe of nappies is easy, enjoyable and not to mention addictive! The best part is choosing the outer fabrics. There are so many combinations possible; pastels, brights, retro, funky, playful and more! Why not give it a try?

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