Open up your heart + let the sun shine in...

So let the sun shine in, face it with a grin, smilers never lose, and frowners never win… Open up your heart and let the sun shine in {Frente!} These fabulously upbeat lyrics are from the 1994 album ‘Saturday Morning, Cartoons Greatest Hits‘ and are also the inspiration behind today’s post
Mustard Yellow Handmade Kids Clothes

One of the great things about living in sunny Queensland is that even when the chill sets in, you can always go outside and find a ray of sunshine to warm you up. Mustard is a fantastic transition colour for autumn, and a cheerful complementary colour for brightening up a winter outfit.

Here are a few of our favourite mustard goodies; we recommend wearing them with a big smile on your face…. however we don’t recommend wearing them with anything red {lest you end up looking like a hotdog or a walking advert for Maccas}.

1. Posy Doll by Mini Lala … 2. Mustard Beanie by Portland Beanie Co …  3. Mustard Polka Dot Coin Purse by Oktak … 4. Apron Dress by Little Chillies … 5. Blossom Hair Clip by Zenci … 6. Langshan Handmade Shoes by Chook Leaf … 7. Wooden Yellow Car by Small Town Toys … 8. Mustard Pants by Lonie May … 9. Wool Felt Fawn Plush by Girl Savage … 10. Treasure Box Bento by Shinzi Katoh …

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