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Repurposed… recycled… reclaimed… the art of taking something old and unwanted and turning it into something new and treasured! If you have a few sewing skills and a bit of imagination, then why not hit your own wardrobe in search possibilities? If sewing just ain’t your thing, then perhaps you might like to follow my lead and turn to the experts… here’s a taste of what you might find!

Repurposed and recycled children's clothes and toys

The initial inspiration behind this post came from a range of custom recycled dresses that I found recently by indie designer Lillipops. This is a service where you can send in one of Dad’s {or Grandpa’s} old shirts and have it restyled into a gorgeous dress {see image above on the top right hand side for an example}. I think this is such a lovely idea, and it captures the true essence of upcycling; bringing together old memories with new experiences.

Are you a recycling expert? We’d love to hear from you… shoot us an email!

1. Holly Hobbie Dress by Sami Bop … 2. Reclaimed Fabric Hair Bands by Calamity Bolt … 3. Recycled Handmade Dress by Lillipops … 4. Upcycled Rag Doll by Beeper Bebe … 5. Recycled Ruffle Shirt by Dress Me … 6. Recycled and Vintage Pocket Skirt by Little Overcoat … 7. Reversible Baby Shoes by Katt Paws … 8. Upcycled Plush Rabbit by The Fairies Nest

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