Ahoy! The worlds cutest sailors...

Aren’t these just the coolest sailor pants that you’ve ever laid eyes on? I’m officially gaga over them, in fact if these came in my size I’d be snapping them up faster than you can say ‘why, hello sailor’…

Handmade Girls Sailor Pants

Images courtesy of Rachel’s Fine Photography

These funky designs are the creation of Tina Milford, owner of handmade kids label Seraphim Baby. Tina is a professional graphic and web designer by trade, but has had an interest in fashion and design since a young age. Her first creations were made from old scarves and second hand apparel at just 10 years of age… it seems those early creative days have served her well!

Reversible Shrug by Seraphim Baby

Tina has just recently turned her focus back onto fashion with her current collection and has plans for an autumn/winter collection later this year. Keep your eyes peeled for more gorgeous styles in-store shortly.

Seraphim Baby is based in Arkansas, USA and international shipping is available.

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