Special Delivery!

Welcome to the first edition of “Special Delivery” the {KID} independent letter writing collective. This series of posts is dedicated to the humble hand-written note, a friendly postman and a brown paper package, tied up with string.

Special Delivery Letter Writing Collective

When I was growing up, one of my all time favourite things was writing letters. I had penpals from New York to the Netherlands; Aunts who sent me little treasures in brown paper packages; and a stationery collection of epic proportions.  I would rush home from school everyday in anticipation of what the postman would bring. These days, whilst the majority of my mail seems to be unwanted bills, I still retain my childish joy when opening the letterbox; and I always make sure to treat myself from time to time with some packages from my favourite crafty online stores.

A handwritten letter

For our very first “Special Delivery” I have chosen the adorable “Camille”, a tiny pocket doll created by the talented Jeanine from Sweet William. Camille lives in a matchbox doll house with her miniature cuckoo clock… She’s ready to head off in the post to the home of  someone who will love and cherish her, and take her on many adventures! Perhaps you?

If you’d like Camille to arrive in your mailbox, simply tell us below in the comment section what you love about letter writing. A winner will be drawn next Thursday 15 April 2010, and contacted via email {to obtain mailing address}. Stay tuned next month for another edition of Special Delivery… sign up to our newsletter for updates.

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20 comments to Special Delivery!

  • Claire

    It’s personal. Tells the receiver of your letter/parcel that you thought of them.

  • I am learning Graphology and it’s fascinating how much you can learn about yourself or someone else by handwriting. I love letters! Sending and receiving letters and parcels in the post is so special in this fast paced instant messaging world.

  • raelene

    Time that they take to sit down and write
    Fills me with a sense of delight!
    Makes me feel special,filled with glee
    for some to make to time to write letters to me!

  • Kirsty

    The giddy feeling of something in the mail addressed to me surpassed all other emotions as a child, that personal special attention from someone loved was amazing. I write letters to my daughter and pop them in the post so she too can have that joy. And the choosing of the letter writing set would sometimes take me days! Im a total stationary junkie and have passed this on to my daughter as well!

  • Emma

    I love letter writing because it’s personal. Letter writing is not only a means of communication but an form of art. Let’s face it we ll love getting a letter, it makes us feel special and important.

  • melissa scott

    I love that its a hard copy. People can keep a letter forever. Its a bit like doing a diary entry where you or the receiver can look back at it in the future.

  • Chont

    I am somewhat obsesses with the post. Nothing make me feel more special than a handwritten envelope addressed to me- knowing someone has made the time to think of me and write these thoughts in their own unique handwriting. It’s nice to recognise that handwriting next time I joyfully open the mail box. These can be stored & reread when I’m feeling down. I have had penpals in the UK & US & it’s so much nicer receiving no urgent things through “snail mail” rather than electronically. Emails tend to be concise & somewhat impersonal anyway.

  • Lisa Abejja

    Anyone can take two seconds to type an email. It is both fast and easy. To take the time to lovingly write a letter by hand, shaping the letter with your writing and having to spend time to think about the content inside gives the feeling of being special to the receiver. An email can only convey a certain amount of emotion where as a letter can be sealed with a kiss, scented with perfume or stained from a tear for the occasion it was written for. Letter writing far beats any other form of communication by far.

  • Deb

    There is nothing like receiving a letter in the mail and reading the sender’s words in their handwriting. As a child, I also loved all the stickers and sparkles which would be added to letters sent to me by my relatives.

  • I love cards and if I see one that reminds me of a friend I’ll buy it, write something silly in it and pop it in the post. One time I found a card that had a redheaded kid with chips up his nose. This reminded me of a silly thing a friend and I did back in high school, so I bought it and sent it to a long lost school friend. She loved it and it re-established our friendship.

  • Amy

    I love writing to my sponser child in Etheopia. He writes back with gorgeous little drawings. It reminds me that most of the people around the world don’t have acess to email! Letters are like treasures and of enormous value to him and me!

  • Helen

    My childhood was one of penpals, cute writing sets, stickers, stamps and fancy pens….to write letters was more than just a pastime, and to receive them was thrilling! As an adult, I still get such a kick from choosing lovely paper, writing (very neatly!) in a lovely bright pen and adding some little stickers or sparkles to the envelope. It gives me a buzz to know that in amongst all the bills and dreary paperwork at the other end, that someone will get a bit of cheery happiness!

  • Colleen

    ‘Silly Snail Mail’
    My daughter and I have been doing this since she left home. The thought of special mail is never far from our minds. It may be a funny or special card, a tiny letter or a BIG official looking envelope…perhaps even a parcel. Now I do it as a ‘nanna’ Even the postie loves ‘nanna’s’ special deliveries..he takes them to the door!
    And, of course I love the contents of that colourful envelope..it usually ends up on the fridge…a priceless art collection.
    Now Steph if you are reading this….I am walking the well trodden path to the letterbox I hope it will not be empty this week!

  • Lauren

    Traditional letter writing is the best way of communicating with the older generation – a card in the mail is so much nicer than an email.
    I too love receiving something other than bills and junk in the letterbox – especially something unexpected.

  • it’s all about the love people! my husband still has a box of perfumed letters that i wrote him when we were dating (hmm a decade ago) but living in different states. and you can always re read them and get a sense of how you felt the first time around. it’s nostalgic but still so very romantic.
    and the theme song for this post should be “guess how much i love” by the luckmiths. xx

  • Being able to hold a hand-written letter in your hands, feel the texture of the paper and breathe in the smell of the ink is a far richer experience than basking in the fluorescent glow of the monitor when you open your email inbox. As much as we talk about making this world a paperless society, there is no more human experience than reading a well-thumbed book or hand-writing a letter to someone special. Viva la paper!

  • Samantha Connell

    I am teaching my 3 year old daughter the delights of sending and receiving letters. She rushes to the mailbox each day and tries to work out who the mail is for. Watching her react when there is a letter or postcard addressed to her is quite amazing. It reminds me of the simple joys in life. I always love to send my family and friends unexpected letters or cards to remind them how great they are and what they mean to me. I believe that sending a hand-written note to someone speaks volumes – it tells them that they are special and that I want to take the time to let them know.

  • Laura

    I don’t think I will ever outgrow that tiny thrill you get when you see your name on a piece of mail. I even get that excited feeling when its a bill. I participate in international swaps, sign up for newsletters and catalogues, have pen pals – anything to avoid an empty sad little letterbox.

  • Samantha

    I love letters because they’re personal. I especially love getting letters from my mother because she writes just how she talks.

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