Vintage Ladybird Activity Kits

Do you remember Ladybird Books? Bedtime Rhymes, Peter and Jane, Boys and Girls? My favourite, a book that I still have in my possession, is the fairytale of the Princess and the Pea. My husband often refers to me as such when I’m being difficult {which I assure you is more often than not a case of him being stubborn…}

Vintage Ladybird Kids Activity Kits

In the spirit of childhood memories {and living vicariously through your child…} I couldn’t resist showcasing these new additions to the Vintage Ladybird collection. They feature nostalgic imagery from the original Ladybird Books and “good clean wholesome activities for the whole family”. The coolest part though, without a doubt, is the tin that they come in!

Vintage Ladybird Kids Activity Kits

Vintage Ladybird is available online from Lark.

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