We Love Yetis!

So I’m strolling along this week, whistling a happy tune, doing a spot of internet browsing when I bump into Rob from Warnick Art. My fancy was officially tickled… and I couldn’t resist sharing a few of Rob’s rad {my retro word of the week} creations with you.

Cool Kids Posters by Warnick Art

Rob, as it seems, loves to draw… he also loves music… a match made in heaven. His creations include a range of posters that would look super cool on your kids room {or any room in your house for that matter}. My favourite is the friendly Yeti and his buddy Mr. Bird. He also designs awesome music posters for some of his favourite bands {think Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Cake, Arctic Monkeys and Frank Black of Pixies fame, also one of my favourites}.

Cool Music Posters by Warnick Art

Cool Kids Posters by Warnick Art

You can visit Rob’s Etsy store to purchase a poster, or visit his website to view his full collection.

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