Behind the Scenes with Your Cheeky Monkey

Hidy Ho Neighborinos! Today we have a double treat for you… first up we’ve asked our friend Monique from Your Cheeky Monkey to give us the inside scoop on her handmade business. Secondly, Monique was lovely enough to send us a little package containing one of her famous “TagNCuddles” comforters so we could check out the quality for ourselves… see  below for our “dig it” review.

Your Cheeky Monkey TagNCuddles Comforter

Your Cheeky Monkey is…
To get to the heart of the matter… me finally following my heart and doing something completely of my own choosing with my life.  I just love making my own decisions, and being able to spend more time with my family than if I was working out of the home.  Plus I get to combine designing and sewing with the business side of things which I love too.

The motto I live by is…
To treat others as you would like to be treated yourself.  Whether in business or your personal life, it is a motto I truly believe in.  I also am a big advocate of “Upwards and onwards!”.

My daily routine consists of…
Firstly being woken somewhere between 4am and 5am by my youngest son.  Alas sleep-ins of any sort are a distant memory for me.  I usually check emails first and make coffee.  Then its a matter of getting my husband off to work (I usually make lunch for him), and getting the boys to kindy if its a kindy day.  During the day I try and get the most important things on my “to-do” list done, go to the post office and bank, and sew and pack orders if needed.  Then dinner, bedtime for the boys, usually an hour or 2 of work and bed.  Totally boring existence come to think of it!

Your Cheeky Monkey TagNCuddles Comforter

The first handmade product that I made for my store was…
Burp cloths and the bunny rugs I make with the crochet edging.  What I make and sell at Your Cheeky Monkey are products I have always made over the years for gifts and my own children, but actually receiving orders for them and posting them off was very exciting.  It’s still a great feeling when someone likes something I make enough to buy it.

When I sit down to sew a new product I like to…
Jot down on paper my initial ideas… but then I tend to be a total bull at a gate and just start sewing madly.  I’m way too impatient for my own good to see the finished product!

If I could be any character from fiction, I would be…
Hmmmm… This is a really hard question.  Just to be really obscure I would probably choose to be China Bayles from the China Bayles Herbal Mysteries by Susan Wittig Albert – this is a series of books I just love and wait each year with great impatience for the next one to come out.

My idea of complete happiness is…
Having my family around me safe and sound.  And maybe a full time maid and chef would be rather good too.

Your Cheeky Monkey Handmade Kids Products

Currently residing on my bedside table is…
Well not much really.  My 3 year old is a bit of a pain with things (ok he is downright annoying) so all I have there is a lamp and the book I am reading.

When I grew up, I always wanted to be…
A Forensic Scientist (and this was way before CSI!) – hence my science background.  It is a topic I have always been fascinated with & I did work experience throughout high school (late 1980’s – early 1990’s) at the Police Scientific Department in Brisbane.  When finishing my studies at Griffith University I was offered a place on the research team for a big international genetics project and then never managed to sign up to the police force to get into forensics!

The next handmade item I plan to make is…
An iphone pocket or case, I have started working on the design but haven’t sewn it yet.  I can’t wait to finish it!

What is it?
The TagNCuddle is a gorgeous handcrafted comforter made from 100% cotton with super soft flannel lining. Around the edge you’ll find a funky assortment of tags, ric-rac and ribbons for curious fingers {and mouths} to explore. The fabric print on our TagNCuddle contained an array of grubs, grasshoppers, bees and butterflies. It was super colourful and resulted in our test subject taking a dive off Mum’s knee in hot pursuit when it was waved in his direction… in short… we dig it!

Five reasons why we dig it!

  1. It was loved by the little guy {the toughest critic}
  2. It’s super tough and can survive grabby {and grubby} hands, teeth, slobber + stains.
  3. It washes well and comes up looking as good as new {well, it would if we ironed it… which we didn’t, cos that would be like ironing undies or tea towels… pointless!}
  4. It’s handmade with love by a Mum with a passion for little folk crafts.
  5. It’s affordable, at $16.

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