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It’s day two of Groove Week! Today’s topic… how to create an awesome music inspired kids room. This is a theme that kids can appreciate more with age and can build on as their music taste develops. It’s customisable to any genre of music; and is interactive, educational and super fun! Today’s soundtrack… I love to boogie by T. Rex, toe-tapping goodness.

Kids Rock n Roll Music Theme Wall Art

First up, you’ll need to find a couple of feature pieces. My favourite thing to work with is wall art. If you can find a series of prints that you love, these will create a focal point for the room. Rock concert or band posters are cool for older kids, but for the little ones you might like to go with something more general or stylised.

Kids Rock n Roll Music Kids Art Prints

Another awesome idea for a feature piece is a kids sized guitar like the one below from Fender. These can be displayed either on the wall or on a guitar stand until your child is old enough to take their first guitar lessons {if they are so inclined}.

Kids Rock n Roll Music Theme Kids Wall Art

Now that you have your feature pieces, the next step is finding accessories to match. For major pieces like bedding and curtains, I suggest bold colours with simple patterns to keep it modern and blend easily with your other accessories. If you love to sew you might consider some homemade cushions. Japanese Kawaii style fabrics are perfect for adding a hint of sweetness, or retro fabrics are great for adding a splash of colour. Music softies like the boombox below also make cool scatter cushions on arm chairs or in play areas.

Kids Rock n Roll Music Toys and Instruments

Last up today {and the best part}… toys! There’s no need for el cheapo mass produced plastic numbers when you have so many awesome limited edition and handmade creations to chose from. The selection above is just the tip of the iceberg. Handmade markets like Etsy and Madeit are the perfect starting point for rock n roll kids toys. I’m also very fond of limited edition urban vinyl {a bit expensive for everyday play, but cool for display pieces}. If you’re into sewing why not try your hand at a killer guitar softie?

Note: funky ear muffs can be worn by kids for hearing protection at their first rock gig, or by parents when their kids are learning to play their electric guitar… better get some for the neighbours too…

1. Vinyl Fever Print + Patty Loves to Rock Prints
by Anna Tillett Designs … 2. Rock N Roll Print Set by The Black Apple …  3. Nursery Wall Art from Barking Bird Art

1. De La Soul Vinyl Toys by Kidrobot … 2. Johnny Fandango Guitar Softie by The Grateful Thread … 3. Squier Affinity Mini Strat Guitar by Fender … 4. Auto USBoombox Vinyl Toy by Superdeux … 5. BoomBox Pillow by Mymimi … 6. Wooden Drum Set by Plan Toys … 7. Hearing Protection from Baby Ear Muffs

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