Escargot... Not Just For Snails!

Michael Buble… Wayne Gretzky… Michael J. Fox… Neil Young… and Escargot Kids. What do these folks all have in common? They’re all cool exports from Canada! Escargot is a super cool debut collection by Vancouver based indie designers Jared and Melody Rhind.

Escargot Handmade Kids Clothing

Jared and Melody conceived Escargot on a road trip whilst discussing their love of vintage fashion and sharing fond memories from their youth. The vintage inspiration is evident in their garments, and their tailoring and choice of fabrics is superb.The construction of each garment is based on the traditional styles of old… in other words, fine detailing and quality fabrics that are built to last.

Escargot Handmade Kids Clothing
Escargot Handmade Kids Clothing

My favourite item in the collection is the Wayne Jodhpurs in Navy {for dapper lads}, closely followed by the Doddy A-Line Shift Dress {for little ladies}. The range is handmade in Vancouver, Canada and international shipping is available.

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