Fashion Crush... Label of Hope

This week I developed a little fashion crush on the handmade creations at label of hope {I’m also digging the name}. In store you’ll find heaps of one-of-a-kind designs, gorgeous fabrics, and quirky ‘make-you-smile-like-a-cheshire-cat’ colour palettes. I adore the melon + peach cardi below!

Label of hope handmade women's clothing

One of the coolest aspects of this collection, and something I personally find very appealing is the focus on cosy winter clothing with a funky urban style. It means that you can throw it on with jeans and ballet flats and head out the door to pick the kids up from daycare and still look cool… and let’s face it, “cool” can sometimes tend to fade {aka run for the hills screaming} once you start putting “cosy” at the top of your fashion priority list.

Label of hope handmade women's clothing

The label of hope collection is 100% handmade; mostly from new materials, and occasionally from recycled or vintage bits and pieces. New designs are added to the store regularly and have a tendancy to be snapped up at sniper speed. The fun part is waiting to to fall in love with something that is uniquely you.

Label of hope handmade women's clothing

Label of hope is based in the USA but happily ship across the globe. If you’d like to view the whole range you can visit the label of hope website, or shop at their Etsy store.

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