A woolly situation...

So here I am, living in Queensland, happily roaming around in a summer dress + blissfully unaware that the rest of the country is actually starting to feel a chill. Then I receive a phone call from a Victorian relative who tells me that she has just cranked up the fireplace… say what!? So today’s post is inspired by my winter wake-up call… hallelujah, bring out the winter woollies!

Kids Bunny Rabbit Winter Beanie Hats

I recently discovered this glorious collection of beanies from Norma W. Each one features a variation of the Hip Hop Bunny… Is he cool, or is he COOL? Norma has a range of styles available in all the colours of the rainbow. I’m seriously digging the blue bunny, top left! Note: this collection is acrylic, not wool.

Pure Wool Hand Knitted Baby Pants

While we’re on the subject of extreme cuteness, I could just about squeal with delight {and scare the jeepers out of the dog} at the retro preciousness of these creations by “made by nannas“.  The nannas reside in Woollongong and started their little store after the knitting for their own grand kiddies got out of control. Their philosophy is that by sharing their knitted creations with the world it will bring joy to others…. and stop them from harassing their kids for more offspring… hilarious!

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