Crazy like a fox...

The fox has gotten a bad wrap over the years; particularly in frightful English fairy tales, designed, I’m sure, for no other reason than to scare little children and give them nightmares. Some consider him a crafty and cunning creature, I prefer to think of him as charming and inquisitive… with a hint of crazy {I think that’s why I like him so much}.

Handmade Fox Toys and Accessories

This post is inspired by “Fox in Socks“… one of the coolest books of all time, written by my all time favourite children’s author, Dr Seuss! I’ve been a fan since before I could walk and we have read his books so many times in this household that the whole family can recite them on car trips without even taking the books along for the ride.

A few of my foxy favourites… The Mr. Frank Fox Card by Darling Clementine, fabulously inspired by 1950s Marionettes. The Foks Scarf by Celapiu, available in sizes to fit both grown ups and kidliwinks… and Monty the Fox Lambswool Plush by Sara Carr {so serene…}

1. Mr. Frank Fox Card by Darling Clementine … 2. Monty the Fox Plush by Sara Carr … 3 Foks Scarf by Celapiu … 4. Pink Foxy Plush by Pretty Little Things … 5. Fox Brooch by Box of Birds … 6. Winter Foxes by Pepper Stitches … 7. Fox in Socks by Dr Seuss … 8. Vintage 1960s Snap Cards by Paper Picker … 9. Foxy Loxy by Handmaid by Helen Hedding …10. Fox Winter Hat by Hip Chick Crochet … 11. Fox Print by It All Begins with Once upon a Time

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2 comments to Crazy like a fox…

  • What an absolutely charming selection of foxes. Thank you so very much for featuring my Fox Girl print!

  • Cathy

    Lovely items. Our sneaky sniffy fox tried to dig into the baby chickens the other night. Bet he got a fright when he found he had burrowed into the big male duck’s cage!!!

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