Let's Get Stitchy!

The one thing that I regret from my youth was never learning how to knit {okay, truth is there are lot of other things from my youth that I regret way more , but let’s not go into those right now… I’m trying to set a good example…} I mean, who knew that the knit-one-purl-one crowd would end up being so cool?

Handmade knitting needles and sewing accessories

Despite my lack of knitting ability, I do like to spend the odd afternoon perched by the sewing machine. I’ve never really learned how to do it the “right way” so it’s a bit of a haphazard approach, but its fun none-the-less and I’ve managed to make a variety of cushion covers, curtains, costumes and the odd item of clothing over the years.

This post is dedicated to finding some sewing candy for my stitchy sisters, and encouraging the “maybe-one-day” crowd to get in on the fun.

1. Pink Bear Knitting Needles by Cate Anevski … 2. Make Do and Mend Print by Farouche … 3. Bunny Rabbit Tape Measure Pattern by Kookla Creations … 4. Art Viva Knitting Needles from The Haby Goddess … 5. Wooden Needle Case by The Small Object … 6. The Good Scissors Earrings by Victoria Mason … 7. I Sew Love You Print by Jennifer Dennis Potter … 8. Vintage Buttons from All The Precious Things … 9. Owl Softie Kit by Wink Designs … 10. Sewing Machine Needlecase by Sweet Treats

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