Cute as a box full of puppies....

I’m just a walkin’ my dog, singin’ my song, strollin’ along… Yeah it’s just me and my dog, catchin’ some sun, we can’t go wrong {The Dog Song by Nelli McKay}… Today we’d like you meet our motley crew of four legged friends. They’re all lovingly handmade and oozing with character. Each one is on the hunt for a new best friend… They don’t eat much, and they make very loyal companions! Woof!

Handmade Dog Soft Toys + Clothes for Kids

The inspiration behind the post {aside from my long-time love of dogs} was an Organic Cotton Dachshund that I found at Habitat Baby. Don’t sausage dogs just make the coolest subjects for soft toys? I’m also digging the Bandito Tee from All-Mighty… that’s one cool pooch! The All-Mighty store has a heap of dog related products for kids, mums, dads… and the family dog!

1. Parisian Pooch Tunic by Aunt Bucky … 2. Boston Terrier Handprinted Sweatshirt by Jen Skelley … 3. Eco Friendly Long Dog by June Craft … 4. Organic Cotton Dachshund by Habitat Baby … 5. Hound Dog Soft Toy by Jojas … 6. Winston the Weiner Dog by Inuk … 7. Barefoot Puppy from Romantic Flair Original … 8. Mini Cushions by Senor Picklesworth … 9. Bandito Tee by All-Mighty … 10. Dogs Fabric Wall Decals by Chocovenyl

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