Handmade Winter Scarves...

If there is one thing that I luuuuurve about winter it’s scarves! I always buy myself at least one each season as I adore the way they effortlessly add colour and style to simple winter knits. Whether you prefer the decorative kind, or the practical {warm woolly} kind, one things for sure… handmade scarves are the way to go.

Handmade Eco-Friendly Felt Scarves

Our first two pretties are made from recycled wool jumpers making them both kind on the environment and exceptionally crafty on the part of the designers. The scarf to the left is handmade by Gaye Abandon while the floral number on the right is upcycled by Twice Designs. I love the combination of the ruby red and navy.

Handmade, Hand Knitted Scarves

Over the past few months I’ve truly grown to love crochet! However, I’ve noticed that when mentioning the word crochet around friends I often get a grimace rather than a smile… I think it’s high time we spread the word that crochet isn’t all about Nana blankets and doilies. The scarf to the left is hand crocheted by Love & Knit in beautiful shades of pink. The scarf to the right is hand crocheted by Loop Over Loop from 100% organic cotton yarn in a delicious blush.

Handmade, Hand Knitted Scarves

This shimmery aqua striped scarf by Knit Frekkles was one of the first to catch my eye this season. It’s a classic winter style that reminds me of snowmen and sleigh rides {of course, living in sunny Queensland… all I can do is daydream}.  The scarf to the right, aptly named ‘Ignite’ is hand knitted by Artish. The use of novelty ‘feather-like’ yarns is perfect for a hint of flamboyance.

Handmade, Hand Knitted Necklace/Lariat Scarf

Last up today are two pieces of neckwear that take the humble scarf to a stylish new level. If you have a hard time deciding whether to go with jewellery or scarves for winter accessorising, this is the perfect neckwear for you. To the left is a necklace/lariat scarf by BigFrozenMelon in a gorgeous autumnal colour palette. To the right is a hollyhock floral piece by Ohmay Designs, perfect for accessorising all year round.

Special thanks to Belinda from She Inspires for including this post on her website.

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