Indie Rock Generation

Mornin’ indie lovers, welcome to groove week! Just for fun this week, each post will have a music flavour {rock n roll, funk, soul, maybe even a bit of disco!} Kicking things off is a post for all the indie kids {particularly the offspring of generation X}. Think thrift store finds, eclectic styles + a bit of plaid thrown in for good measure. Soundtrack: early albums by The Smiths {dig those jangly guitars}.

Indie Rock Kids Clothing + Toys

There are two particularly cool things that I wanted to mention about this post. Firstly is one of my fondest memories; sitting amongst piles of vinyl records at my cousin’s house and listening to recordings of their favourite indie rock bands from the 70’s and early 80’s.

Second is the awesome vintage Fisher Price record player that I spotted on Ebay. You can still buy these in working order… and then own your kids can sit among your records and learn all about your favourite bands. I’m saving all my old vinyl just for this purpose!

Indie Rock Music Clothing + Toys

1. Indie Music Kids Tee by Robot Luv … 2. Indie Rock Colouring Book by Andy J Miller + YBP … 3. Jeffrey Bear by Xmoonbloom … 4. Role Model T-shirt by Sweet Pepita … 5. Superheros Pins by Peppermint Daydreams … 6. Fisher Price Record Player – Vintage Finds on Ebay …7. Vintage Herbie Pajama Top by Vintage Clothing and Stuff

1. Morrissey Kids T-shirt by Baby Bees Boutique … 2. Long Rabbit by Xmoonbloom … 3. 100% Recycled Exclusive Jacket by Bows & Arrows … 4. For The Kids an Indie Music Compilation CD … 5. Junior Brown Blazer by Poppytop Sweaters … 6. Faces Pinback Buttons from The Angry Robot …  7. Kids Skinny Jeans by Oishi-m

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