Love Paper Scissors... Beautiful Artwork

A bright and cheery welcome to a new week! It’s Labour Day here in Queensland, which means that after publishing this post I’m off to make a potato salad for our BBQ lunch. Public holidays, how I love you so. First things first though… an introduction to a beautiful collection from Victorian artist Chelsie Sharp and her label Love Paper Scissors.

Love Paper Scissors Wall Art

The thing that I like most about Chelsie’s artwork is her intricate detailing and rich colour choices. Each piece is handcrafted from fine Japanese chiyogami and specialty papers and the 3D composition of the frames gives the feeling that the creatures could almost take flight. I was quite captivated by the Botanica Collection for this very reason.

Butterfly Artwork by Love Paper Scissors

At the core of the Love Paper Scissors collection is a range of artwork for those big celebrations in life that only come around once like christenings, naming ceremonies and weddings. Chelsie can customise your art to include your favourite reading or poem, your child’s name, or can even create a special presentation frame for a wedding or birth certificate. Colours and shapes are also customisable upon request.

Butterfly Artwork by Love Paper Scissors

If you’d like to view more artwork by Chelsie Sharp, please visit the Love Paper Scissors website.

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