Making friends with Moo Woo...

For those of you with a love of indie and handmade, you’ll appreciate just how much fun it is to meet other friendly folk with the same passion. This week I received an invitation from Kellie at Moo Woo Handmade Cards and Gifts to take a little stroll through her treasure trove of delights.

Handmade cards, toys and accessories for kids

Kellie is mum to three little ones, aged 4, 2 and 6 weeks old. Moo Woo is affectionately named after her two eldest children – Mia ‘moo’ and Tyler ‘woo’. The birth of Moo Woo came about while Kellie was on maternity leave with her second child {she’s also a secondary health and physical education teacher}. Her first creations were a range of handmade greeting cards which filled her with so much joy that she decided to expand the range and setup an online store.

Handmade and Unique Women's Bags and Accessories

In her own words… “I am a Tasmanian, but have lived in the Kimberley region of WA now for 14 years, in Broome and now Kununurra… 900kms from Darwin and over 3000kms from Perth!  Being so far from anywhere and shopping choice being limited it has been fun bringing different choices to town for locals to purchase.  I also support many locals by selling and promoting their handmade products online”.

My favourites in Kellie’s collection are the 1950’s reproduction tin toys. I’ve got my eye firmly planted on the yellow cab; it would look superb on my bookshelf! I also adore the work of Kununurra based artist Kerri Blades, each piece has so much character.

Thank you to Kellie for allowing me to rummage through her treasures, it’s been a wonderful journey. Drop by and pay her a visit at Moo Woo Handmade Cards and Gifts.

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