Nini & Wink.. De Ja Vu Dollies

When I was a small tyke, we had a lovely neighbour who would make us rag dolls and handmade toys from scrap fabrics every year on our birthday. This was in the early 80s and I still remember them as fondly as though it was yesterday. This week when I discovered Nini & Wink those memories came flooding back…

Nini and Wink Handmade Recycled Fabric Dolls

Nini & Wink {named after Nini and her little sister Wink} is a Melbourne based label who create dolls and toys from recycled materials such as corduroy and denim. Given the nature of the recycled fabrics, each doll is unique in colour and pattern. I quite adore the friendly grins on each of their faces, and their neat little corduroy piggy tails.

Nini and Wink Handmade Recycled Fabric Dolls

Nini and Wink Handmade Dolls with Recycled Fabrics

This week, a new range of “dress up friends” were introduced to the Nini & Wink collection. Introducing Leo the lion and Penny the hen, you can view them and their friends on the Nini & Wink facebook page.

Nini & Wink handmade dolls are available online through Etsy as well as a selected range of local handmade markets.

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