Greenie Favourites... in Pink!

Happy Thursday! I think it’s about time we had another post to celebrate the work of crafty designers with their eye on the environment. After yesterday’s post, my head is swimming with pretty colours so I decided to blend both together… presenting my current greenie favourites… in pink!

Handmade, organic, recycled and upstyled

This winter I’m very fond of repurposed wool. It’s such a cool concept to make something new and beautiful from something with a rich history. One of my favourite pieces is the Cashmere Baby Dress by Kellie Noelle Designs. Pair this with tights and a long sleeve tee and top it off with a pair of boots or mary-janes for a classic winter look.

I also adore the Pink Elephant from Vintage Chenille… there is something about chenille that gives me childhood bedspread flashbacks… and makes me feel all warm and gooey inside.

1. Pink + Beige Scallop Cap by Three Fish Shop … 2. Cashmere Baby Dress by Kellie Noelle Designs … 3. Upcycled Lambswool Sweater Pants by Snuggle Pants … 4. Recycled Felt Tooth Fairy Cushion by Pipoca Handmade … 5. Ballerina Ruffle Bodysuit by Gaia Organic Cotton … 6. Organic Chandelier Onesie by Billy Mac … 7. Vintage Button Hair Accessories by Sheeps Clothing … 8. Jenny the Plush Elephant by Vintage Chenille

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