Fresh Baked Friday, No More Ouchies

Fresh Picked Handmade Kids ClothesIt’s Friday again folks, and time for a good old fashion serving of homestyle sewing from some talented crafty Mamas! I always find it a bit hard to concentrate on work by the time Friday rolls around so there’s nothing I like more than a touch of pre-weekend shopping…

Handmade Kids Clothes by Paul and Paula

First up today I’m totally digging the winter range of handmade kids gear from Paul and Paula. Featured here is the Mr Nelson long sleeve jersey tee, priced at $28 and the Berry Knit Leggings, priced at $23.00. Check out the full range, it’s well worth a clickity click!

Ouch Pouch First Aid Kit

Next up is the Ouch Pouch. I found these in-store at Style Aficionado and love the concept. Each pouch is handmade from cool designer fabrics and includes a bunch of essential first aid supplies so you’ll have everything you need for fixing up boo boo’s on the playground, in the car, at the shops… They’re priced at $15, but you can currently pick up two for the special price of $25.

Handmade Kids Clothes by Hyde Clothing

Fresh off the sewing machine at Hyde Clothing and landing in-store at La Di Da Kids this week are these exclusive handmade smock tops. The white top on the left features a handprinted butterfly design, and the one on the right is all about elephants. They’re available in sizes 0 – 6 and are priced at $35.00.

Well, that’s all for today… have an awesome weekend! See you tomorrow with a feature especially for all the crafty Mums out there.

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